About Us

Sports Performance:

Working to enhance the mental skills and thus physical performance of sporting professionals and amateurs alike. A published author and mental coach.

Chemical Edge Technology:

Keith Forbes is The founder of Chemical Edge Technology™. He combines many of the useful tools from NLP and other systems with the more recent revelations of brain science.

“Throw out old and disproved ways and welcome the new clear”

Born in a small town called Steamers Point in Arabia, to a Scottish father and mother, he spent much of his formative years in the Orient before completing his early education in Scotland. The need to adapt which came from the circumstances in his early years enabled him to develop an ability to open his mind past the norm and connect information from many different sources in order to create new improved concepts in the field of neuro science.

His research is based on the differences and similarities between the amateur and the top performer constantly “tweaking and tuning what already works for you” and making a difference with both.

Trained by DR Richard Bandler and licensed as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming. The direction of his research was inspired by the story of Candice Pert.

It’s In The Mind

Training Consultancy & Project Management:

Well known for his work in leadership development and sales and communication skills. He has worked with many household names in the UK and also Ireland, Spain and India